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English Communications Training for Professionals

Do you feel pressure to communicate more effectively in your professional environment?

Do you want to feel more confident to communicate well in English?

Are you feeling held back from achieving your professional, social & personal goals?

Frustrated by having endless lessons at academies and still not feeling ready?

Language Plus Madrid’s Professional Language Training Services genuinely focus on assisting you to develop the confidence you need to communicate effectively, perform well and achieve your goals.

Our customized private and small-group training sessions help you overcome that frustrating sense of the language/communication barrier which so many people experience around the world.

Our clients are from all professions and levels of professional experience. What they have in common is their concern of not being able to communicate effectively in English,  Especially where & when it matters most.

Language Plus Madrid is not an academy offering endless English lessons. Our training is purposeful, focused on and geared towards helping you achieve your goals in as short a time as possible. Our satisfaction comes from you telling us our services are no longer needed because you achieved your most important goals.

Training is offered both in person and in live online sessions.

Communication Training Services For:

  • Organization Meetings
  • Client Communications (Spoken & Written)
  • Interview and CV Preparation for internal and external professional opportunities
  • Telephone and Video Conference

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